The Memory Walk is this Sunday! PCS members, please take into consideration the Sunday train schedules and give yourselves enough time to travel to Riverside Park by 8:30 A.M. Hopstop should be helpful. None of the exec members know the area, so we will be meeting by the entrance - 97th Street & Riverside Drive. Look for us! It's important that you meet up with us because we will be walking as a group AND you must sign in with us so that we can give you your credits. We will be checking in together, so please do not check in on your own. (Also, I believe that you can register on-site.)

Remember that we're not going to be walking for very long (2 miles - about 1.5 hours?) and it's supposed to be cold, so dress appropriately.

One last thing: Check your e-mails regularly. The latest one should contain Laura's contact information, should you ever need it.

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